CAASPP Coordinator E-mails

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Please note that this archive is not comprehensive. E-mails announcing one-time events, like Webcasts and system downtimes, are generally not included.

Administration Year 2016–17

Date SentSubject
5/25/17 CAASPP--Register for the CAASPP Summer Hand Scoring Workshops!
5/25/17 CAASPP--Apply to Participate in a Focus Group
5/17/17 CAASPP--6/13/17 Webcast Announcement: 2016-17 CAASPP Post-Test Workshop: Using Assessment Results to Inform Teaching and Learning
5/15/17 CAASPP--Smarter Balanced Online Test Results Available in the ORS and TOMS
5/04/17 CAASPP--Practice/Training Tests Available
5/02/17 CAASPP--Practice/Training Tests Unavailable 8-11 a.m. PT May 3-May 5
5/01/17 CAASPP Notification--Practice/Training Tests Unavailable May 2, 8-10 a.m. PT
5/01/17 CAASPP--System Downtime for the Transition to 2017-18 School Year
4/27/17 CAASPP--Updated Operating System Versions Available for Testing
4/21/17 CAASPP--Update the Verification (License) File for the Julie Voice Pack
3/24/17 CAASPP--REMINDER: Register for the CAASPP Post-Test Workshop
3/22/17 CAASPP--Digital Library Self-Registration Interface
3/20/17 CAASPP--Science Pilot Test Surveys Are Now Available
3/20/17 CAASPP--Systems Back Online and What's New
3/15/17 CAASPP--CAAs and CAST Are Coming Soon
3/01/17 CAASPP--REMINDER: Scheduled System Downtime for March 2017
3/01/17 CAASPP--"Establishing Digital Library User Accounts" Video Now Available
2/17/17 CAASPP Post-Test Workshop Registration Is Now Available
2/15/17 CAASPP--2016-17 Test Security Guidelines Webcast
2/14/17 CAASPP--CAA for ELA and Mathematics DFA Version Assignments Now Available
2/10/17 CAASPP--Registration Available for 2017 CAASPP Operational Hand Scoring Workshops
2/09/17 CAASPP--CAST Training Test Now Available
2/06/17 CAASPP-- CAA Test Examinder Tutorial Now Available
2/01/17 CAASPP--Important Reminder about Support for iOS Version 10.0, 10.1, and 10.2 on Apple Mobile Devices
1/25/17 CAASPP--CAA for Science Training Sample Now Available
1/18/17 CAASPP--Reminder--New! Digital Library Self-Registration Interface
1/09/17 CAASPP--CAASPP Systems Back Online and What’s New
1/06/17 CAASPP--Important Announcement about Support for iOS Versions 10.0, 10.1, and 10.2 on Apple Mobile Devices
12/21/16 CAASPP--New! Digital Library Self-Registration Interface
12/19/16 CAASPP--Reminder Scheduled System Downtime for January 2017
12/07/16 CAASPP--2016-17 CAASPP Pretest Workshop Webcast Reminder
11/21/16 CAASPP--High School Grade Assignments for Science Pilot Assessments
11/17/16 CAASPP--CAA for ELA and Mathematics Score Reporting
11/14/16 CAASPP Systems Resume
11/10/16 CAASPP--November 16 Webcast: CAASPP Accessibility and Accommodations
11/03/16 CAASPP--Upcoming Scheduled System Downtime
11/02/16 CAASPP--Manuals Available
11/01/16 CAASPP--Registration Available for the 2016-17 CAASPP Pretest Workshop
10/24/16 Update--Now Supporting iOS 10 on iPads
9/15/16 CAASPP--September 21 Webcast: Preparing Technology for 2016-17 CAASPP Testing
9/14/16 CAASPP Special Request for Smarter Balanced Paper Exams
9/14/16 CAASPP--CAASPP Systems Resume for the 2016-17 Test Administration
9/09/16 Extended Downtime of the CAASPP Systems
8/30/16 CAASPP--Reminder: Update Your CALPADS Data
8/26/16 CAASPP--Registration now open for Digital Library and Interim Assessment Training Opportunities
8/19/16 CAASPP--Interim Assessment Transition to 2016-17 Administration
8/09/16 Registration Now Open for Digital Library and Interim Assessment Training Opportunities

Administration Year 2015–16

Date SentSubject
11/11/16 CAASPP--2015-16 California Alternate Assessments Reporting Webcast
8/22/16 CAASPP--Important Information about Printed 2015-16 Student Score Reports
7/20/16CAASPP--Scheduled System Downtime for the 2016-17 School Year Transition
7/18/16CAASPP--Save the Date! Digital Library and Interim Assessment Training Opportunities
6/27/16CAASPP--Summer Hand Scoring Training Opportunities for Educators
6/08/16CAASPP--Required Forms for 2016-17 CAASPP Administration
6/07/16CAASPP--Returning Test Materials for Scoring
6/06/16CAASPP--ACTION REQUIRED--Prepare for Printed Student Score Reports
5/18/16(New Locations Available!) CAASPP--Register for 2015-16 CAASPP Post-Test Workshops: Connecting Assessments to Instruction
5/18/16CAASPP--Returning Test Materials for Scoring
5/16/16CAASPP--5/19/16 Webcast Reminder: 2015-16 CAASPP Post-Test Workshops: Connecting Assessments to Instruction
5/10/16CAASPP--Setting the Manner of Administration for Interim Assessments
5/02/16CAASPP--Release of 2016 Test Results
4/27/16CAASPP--2015-16 Purchase Orders
4/26/16CAASPP--STAIRS Process
4/25/16CAASPP--2015-16 Configuring Testing Devices for Visually Impaired Students Webcast
4/21/16CAASPP--Demographic Data Snapshot for the 2015-16 Administration
4/18/16CAASPP--Register for 2015-16 CAASPP Post-Test Workshops: Connecting Assessments to Instruction
4/14/16CAASPP--Google Chrome Version 49 and iOS 9.3 Are Now Supported
4/13/16CAASPP--Updated Secure Browser for iPads Available in the Apple Store
4/12/16CAASPP--How to Request a Test Window Extension
4/12/16CAASPP--STS for Non-ELs in Dual-Immersion Programs Materials Now Available
4/11/16CAASPP--CAA Logon Training Video and Item Routing Video Now Available
4/11/16CAASPP--CAAs Are Now Available
4/08/16CAASPP Scoring Opportunities Available
4/08/16CAASPP--2014-15 Smarter Balanced Assessment Target Scores Now Available
4/08/16CAASPP--CAA: Update Regarding Version Assignments and DFAs
4/07/16CAASPP--Banned Electronic Devices
4/07/16CAASPP--Update: Earlier Scheduled ORS Downtime for April 2016
4/06/16CAASPP--Scheduled System Downtime for April 2016
4/05/16REMINDER: CAASPP--Registration Available for 2015-16 CAASPP Weekend Operational Scoring Workshops
4/04/16CAASPP--Changes to Interim Assessment Block Downloadable Data File Columns
3/30/16CAASPP--Interim Assessment Video Series Now Available
3/29/16CAASPP--Scheduled System Downtime for April 2016
3/25/16CAASPP--CAA TAM and Transcripts of SSCs Now Available
3/25/16CAASPP--Alert: Text-to-Speech in iOS 8 and iOS9 Issue
3/23/16CAASPP--Alert: Android Mobile Secure Browser Issue
3/22/16CAASPP--Google Chrome Version 47 Is Now Supported
3/22/16CAASPP--CAA Test Administration Tutorial Now Available
3/18/16CAASPP--Interim Assessment User Guide Has Been Posted
3/17/16CAASPP--Scheduled System Downtime for March 2016
3/14/16CAASPP--Pre-embossed Graphics Package for a Smarter Balanced Braille Fixed Online Form for Mathematics Summative Assessment
3/14/16CAASPP--Manner of Administration for Interim Assessments
3/08/16CAASPP--2015-16 Test Security Guidelines Webcast
3/08/16CAASPP--Scheduled System Downtime for March 2016
3/02/16REMINDER: CAASPP--Registration Available for 2015-16 CAASPP Weekend Operational Scoring Workshops
3/02/16CAASPP--CAA Training Tests and Training Test DFA Now Available
2/26/16CAASPP--Scheduled System Downtimes in February, March, and April 2016
2/22/16CAASPP--Scheduled System Downtime for February 2016
2/18/16CAASPP--Registration Available for 2015-16 CAASPP Weekend Operational Scoring Workshops
2/08/16CAASPP--2015-16 Science and STS (Paper-Pencil) Test Administration Webcast Archive Now Available
1/22/16CAASPP--Classroom Activities Now Available for Download
1/19/16CAASPP--Smarter Balanced Online Test Administration Manual Has Been Posted
1/19/16CAASPP--NOW AVAILABLE--TOMS and the Test Administrator Interface System
1/11/16CAASPP--2015-16 Pretest Administration Workshop Webcast
1/08/16CAASPP--iOS Version 9.2 for Mobile Apple Devices Is Now Supported
1/05/16CAASPP--Test Operations Management System (TOMS) System Restored
12/14/15CAASPP--Supported Browsers for 2015-16 Test Administration
12/09/15CAASPP--December 16 Webcast: CAASPP Accessibility and Accommodations
12/08/15CAASPP--Registration Available for 2015-16 CAASPP Pre-Test Workshop
12/07/15CAASPP--TOMS User Setup and Guidance
11/30/15CAASPP--Scheduled System Downtime Beginning December 2015
11/25/15CAASPP--Applying Student Test Settings for Interim and Summative Assessments
11/20/15CAASPP--Reminder to Set Up 2015-16 Test Administrations
11/13/15CAASPP--November 17 Webcast: Preparing Technology for 2015-16 CAASPP Testing and CALPADS Integration with CAASPP
11/13/15CAASPP--Test Windows for the Summative Assessments
11/12/15CAASPP--Final Student Data Files Now Available for Download
11/05/15Retention and Deletion of Smarter Balanced Interim Assessment Results in the Interim Assessment Reporting System
11/03/15CAASPP--New Setting for Interim Assessments
11/02/15CAASPP--New TOMS Manuals Posted
10/27/15CAASPP--Training Videos from the Summer Scoring Training Now Available
10/26/15CAASPP--October 28 Webcast: Configuring Online Student Test Settings in TOMS
10/19/15CAASPP--2015-16 TOMS User Setup and System Downtime
10/19/15CAASPP--Summary Results Reports on TOMS
10/19/15CAASPP--Enhancements to the 2015-16 CAASPP Systems
10/16/15CAASPP--October 20 Webcast: TOMS Test Administration and User Setup
10/15/15CAASPP--Systems Restored
10/13/15CAASPP--Student Score Reports and the CAA Field Tests
9/30/15CAASPP--Results of Smarter Balanced Paper Pencil Tests
9/30/15CAASPP--Reminder: Scheduled System Downtime
9/29/15CAASPP--Reminder: Digital Library and Interim Assessment Training Opportunities
9/23/15CAASPP--Interim Assessment Hand Scoring Workshops
9/21/15CAASPP--Digital Library and Interim Assessment Training Opportunities
9/18/15CAASPP--Removal of Interim Assessment Reporting Roles
9/15/15CAASPP--Updated Formatted Student Data File Layout Posted
9/14/15CAASPP--Reminder: 9/15 Deadline for Condition Code Edits
9/14/15CAASPP--Seeking Educators for Input on New CAASPP Assessments
9/10/15CAASPP--Scheduled System Downtime
9/10/15CAASPP--Required Forms for 2015-16 Administration
9/04/15CAASPP--Opening Student Data Files
8/28/15CAASPP--September 10 Webcast: Smarter Balanced Digital Library
8/26/15CAASPP--Test Site Coordinator ORS Access
8/26/15CAASPP--CALPADS Downtime and Interim Assessment Administration
8/25/15CAASPP--Student Data Files Now Available for Download
8/21/15CAASPP--August 26 Webcast: 2014-15 CAASPP Reporting
8/19/15CAASPP--Information About Paper Student Score Reports
7/27/15CAASPP--Important Dates

Administration Year 2014–15

Date SentSubject
7/24/15CAASPP--Summer Scoring Training Opportunities for Educators
7/21/15CAASPP--Student Data File Layout Available
7/17/15CAASPP--Online Reporting System Update
7/15/15 CAASPP--Downtime for the Interim Assessment System
7/06/15 CAASPP--Scheduled System Downtime
7/02/15 CAASPP--Reporting Notes
6/23/15 CAASPP--Online Registration Accounts Survey
6/17/15 CAASPP--Condition Codes Due Date Extension
6/12/15 CAASPP--Online Survey Reminder
6/11/15 CAASPP--Testing Condition Codes
6/09/15 CAASPP--2014-15 Purchase Orders
6/08/15 CAASPP--Now Available: Online Reporting System User Guide
6/03/15 CAASPP--Your Participation Is Requested
6/02/15 CAASPP--Post Test Workshop Evaluation Forms Available
5/27/15 CAASPP--CAA Field Testing Alert
5/20/15CAASPP--Student Mailing Address Feature Currently Unavailable
5/19/15CAASPP--Parent Guardian Addresses
5/13/15CAASPP--May 20 Webcast Reminder: 2015 Post-Test Workshop, Reporting Summative Assessment Results
5/13/15 CAASPP--CAA Field Testing Reminder and List of Supports
5/12/15CAASPP--Interim Assessment Hand Scoring Training Guides and Exemplars Now Available in TOMS
5/06/15CAASPP--Community Garden and Growth and Expansion of America Classroom Activities
5/06/15 CAASPP--Update on the California Alternate Assessments Field Testing
5/05/15CAASPP--New Resources for the Interim Assessments
5/05/15CAASPP--Text to Speech Accommodation for ELA Grades 3 5
5/01/15CAASPP--CST for Science Grade 5 Periodic Table of the Elements
5/01/15CAASPP--Test Results Availability in the Interim Assessment Reporting System
4/30/15CAASPP--May 4 Webcast: Introduction to the 2015 CAASPP Online Reporting System
4/30/15CAASPP--Manuals and Classroom Activities for Smarter Balanced Summative Paper Pencil Testing
4/29/15CAASPP--Mobile Secure Browser v3.1
4/29/15CAASPP--Using the Completion Status System to Monitor Interim Assessments
4/24/15CAASPP--Manual Updates So Far in April 2015
4/24/15CAASPP--Technology Reminder
4/16/15CAASPP--Now Available: Account Reactivation Resets for Non Active TOMS Users
4/15/15 CAASPP--CAA Field Test Assessments Are Now Available
4/14/15 CAASPP--CAA FT: Version Assignments and Field Test DFAs Now Available
4/09/15Purchasing STAR Legacy Materials
4/08/15CAASPP--Paper Pencil Test Materials Return Shipments via Freight
4/08/15 CAASPP--CAA FT: Training Test and Updated Sample DFA Now Available
4/06/15 CAASPP--Complete a Survey on HIstory-Social Science and Mathematics End-of-Course Assessments
4/06/15 CAASPP--CAA FT: Students in Ungraded Programs Now Available in TOMS
3/31/15CAASPP--Google Chrome v41 Now Supported
3/27/15CAASPP--Scheduled Downtime for TOMS
3/20/15CAASPP--School Fair Classroom Activity
3/20/15 CAASPP--Additional CAA Test Examiner Resources Available
3/19/15CAASPP--Now Available: Appeals Module
3/17/15CAASPP--Completion Status User Guide Has Been Posted
3/17/15CAASPP--IMPORTANT REMINDER: Select the Correct Assessment Type
3/17/15CAASPP--Paper Pencil Test Material Deliveries
3/17/15CAASPP--Replacement Classroom Activities
3/16/15CAASPP--Warning About Updating Mobile Operating Systems
3/12/15CAASPP--Enhancements to the Test Operations Management System
3/12/15 CAASPP--CAA Field Test Administration Manual Has Been Posted
3/11/15CAASPP--Interim Assessment Hand Scoring Training Videos
3/11/15CAASPP--Updated Technical Requirements
3/10/15 CAASPP--Now Available: Smarter Balanced Summative Assessments
3/09/15CAASPP--Technology Reminders
3/06/15CAASPP--Scheduling around Downtime
3/06/15 CAASPP--March 11 Webcast Reminder: CAA Field Test Administration
3/06/15 Important Information about the California Alternate Assessments (CAA) Field Test
3/04/15 CAASPP--March 4 Webcast Reminder: Open Forum on the Smarter Balanced Summative Assessments
3/04/15CAASPP--Now Available: Test Administrator Resources
3/03/15CAASPP--Important Information about Smarter Balanced Paper Pencil Tests
3/03/15CAASPP--IMPORTANT REMINDER: Select the Correct Assessment Type 2
3/02/15CAASPP--Classroom Activities Now Available for Download
2/26/15CAASPP--Preparing for the Smarter Balanced Online Summative Assessments
2/24/15CAASPP--Pre Test Survey for LEA CAASPP Coordinators
2/18/15CAASPP--Individualized Aid Request Form Available
2/13/15CAASPP--Corrections in TOMS for Deleted or Inactive SSIDs
2/10/15CAASPP--TOMS Is Now Available
2/06/15 CAASPP--Critical System Maintenance for the Test Operations Management System
2/04/15CAASPP--2015 CAPA Manipulative Lists Have Been Posted
1/30/15Reminder--Smarter Balanced Interim Assessments Now Available
1/29/15CAASPP--Secure Browser Support for iOS 8.x
1/28/15 CAASPP--Now Available: Smarter Balanced Interim Assessments and Other Test Administration Components
1/23/15 CAASPP--Workshop Time Changes AND Afternoon Workshops Added for 2015 CAASPP Smarter Balanced Online Test Administration Workshops
1/15/15 CAASPP--Registration Available for 2015 CAASPP Smarter Balanced Online Test Administration Workshops
1/14/15CAASPP--January 15 Webcast Reminder: 2015 Smarter Balanced Interim Assessments
1/12/15 Have Your Schools and Teachers Registered for the Digital Library?
12/12/14 CAASPP--Now Available: TOMS Test Assignments Functionality
12/12/14 CAASPP--2014 Now Available: Windows and Updated Mac OS X Secure Browser