High School Grade Assignments for 2016–17 Science Pilot Testing

Updated Assignments File—This file contains a list of updates to some high school grade assignments. Schools on this list have updated assignments for 2016–17 science pilot testing. Posted 12/02/16.

Select your county to access a linked file that contains a list of the high schools in your county. Each high school will have a grade assigned that will participate in the California Science Test (CAST) and California Alternate Assessment (CAA) for Science pilot.

If there is a school in your local educational agency (LEA) that is not included in the county file or the Updated Assignments File, that school will be assigned the default grade, which is grade eleven. However, if a school in the LEA does not contain grade eleven or has no eligible students in grade eleven, then LEA CAASPP coordinators should contact CalTAC to receive the grade assignment.

Please note that grade assignments cannot be changed.