CAASPP Known Issues Log Archive

2017–18 Administration

Known Issue details
Date Identified Date Updated Date Resolved Issue
01/24/18 01/24/18 01/24/18

For some inline choice test questions, the Stacked Spanish support for the California Science Test (CAST) renders differently than other tests in the test delivery system.

An inline choice test question is one that contains one or more blanks that the student must fill in by selecting a choice from a list of choices. For the CAST only, the drop-down lists are not in Spanish (although their translations are available), so students will have to select a response from the English version of the drop-down list. See chapter 1 of the Accessibility Guide for CAASPP Online Testing for additional information on this topic.
02/22/18 02/28/18 02/22/18

Users have reported receiving a logon error when attempting to access Administration and Registration Tools (ART).

Users receiving this logon error should clear their cache or cookies and/or try logging on with a different Web browser.
02/21/18 02/21/18 (Closed without resolution)

When accessing the practice and training tests using Internet Explorer, custom mouse pointers are not supported. However, this feature is available in the practice and training tests when accessing through Chrome, Firefox, mobile Web browsers, and the secure browser.

This issue does not impact the operational summative assessments.

12/04/17 12/04/17 Pending
Users have reported receipt of multiple, sometimes completely unsolicited, Smarter Balanced Digital Library password reset e-mails.
Resolution In Progress. For some users, after following the process established for a Digital Library password reset, selection of the [If you have forgotten your password, reset your password by clicking here.] link generates multiple e-mails containing temporary passwords.

Additionally, there have been instances of users receiving e-mails with temporary passwords who had not initiated any such request.

As a workaround, please delete any user you know has experienced this issue and add him or her again using the Administration and Registration Tools interface.

LEA CAASPP coordinators should contact CalTAC for additional assistance.
10/17/17 10/30/17 12/02/17
An error message appears in the Test Operations Management System (TOMS) when user roles for existing users are deleted or changed using the TOMS batch upload process.

User roles should be deleted or changed using the TOMS one-by-one functionality in the user interface. Local educational agency California Assessment of Student Performance and Progress coordinators will be advised, by e-mail, when the TOMS batch upload process can be used to delete or change user roles.

Resolution: User roles can be changed through the TOMS batch upload process if the user is associated with only a single organization. User roles can be deleted through the TOMS batch upload process if the value in the Role in Organization column is set to Delete Role.