CAASPP Coordinator Emails

Administration Year 2018–19 || Administration Year 2017–18

Please note that this archive is not comprehensive. These archives do not include messages that were sent to only a small subset of local educational agencies (LEAs) and reminder emails are generally not included.

Administration Year 2018–19

Date SentSubject
02/15/19 CAASPP: Issue with Secure Browser Chrome OS v72
02/11/19 California Assessment Systems Electronic Reporting Credentialing Process Available
02/01/19 2018-19 Alternate ELPAC Item Writer Training Meeting Invitation
01/29/19 CAASPP--CAA for Science Administration Planning Guides and Information Now Available
01/23/19 REMINDER: CAASPP and ELPAC--2018-19 Pretest Workshop Webcast on January 24, 2019
01/18/19 CAASPP--2018-19: CAA Test Examiner Tutorial Now Available
01/11/19 CAASPP--CAA for Science Training Performance Task Now Available
01/08/19 CAASPP--Systems Resume
12/27/18 Scheduled Systems Downtime Reminder Email
12/07/18 REMINDER: CAASPP and ELPAC: 2018-19 Pretest Workshop Webcast
12/06/18 CAASPP--CAA for Science Webcast
12/04/18 CAASSP: Final Student Data File Available in TOMS
11/28/18 CAASPP--Additional Information About Electronic Student Score Reports
11/16/18 CAASPP and ELPAC--Assistance for LEAs Affected by the Wildfires and Hazardous Air Quality
11/14/18 CAASPP--California Science Test Practice Test Released
10/31/18 CAASPP--November 7 Webcast--Electronic Student Score Reports for 2018–19
10/24/18 CAASPP--Updated Student Score Reports for Some Students
10/19/18 CAASPP--Deadline for Test Administration Window Setup
10/17/18 Closing Soon! LEA CAASPP Coordinator Survey
10/12/18 CAASPP--Need More CSA Field Test Participants in High School
10/10/18 CAASPP--Input Needed! CAASPP Coordinator Survey Opens Today!
10/08/18 CAASPP--Webcast Archive Available: Preparing Technology for 2018-19 Online Testing and Electronic Student Score Reports
10/02/18 Reminder--October 3 Webcast: Preparing Technology for 2018-19 Online Testing and Electronic Student Score Reports
9/27/18 CAASSP--Updated Student Data File Available in TOMS
9/26/18 CAASPP--October 3 Webcast: Preparing Technology for 2018-19 Online Testing and Electronic Student Score Reports
9/20/18 CAASPP--REMINDER: Registration Available for the Rescheduled Shasta Summer Institute, 2018
9/11/18 CSA Field Test Sample Parent Notification
9/10/18 CAASPP--Fall 2018 Monitoring of CAASPP Potential Alert Responses
9/07/18 CAASPP--Registration Available for the Rescheduled Shasta Summer Institute, 2018
9/07/18 CAASPP--Updates to Supported Operating Systems and Browsers for 2018-19
9/05/18 CSA Field Test Preadministration Checklist
9/04/18 CAASPP--Systems Resume
8/27/18 CAASPP Reminder--Last Chance to Participate in the CSA Field Test
8/21/18 CAASPP--Interim Assessment Transition to 2018-19 Administration
8/13/18 CAASPP--System Component Release Dates
8/10/18 CAASPP--Scheduled System Downtime
7/16/18 CAASPP—CSA and STS Web Pages on
6/28/18 CAASPP--2018-19 Scheduled System Downtime
5/21/18 CAASPP--Register for the Summer Institute 2018 Series!
5/11/18 Invitation to Participate in the California Spanish Assessment Field Test
4/18/18 CAASPP--Returning Test Materials for Scoring

Administration Year 2017–18

Date SentSubject
8/31/18 CAASPP: Results for Paper-Pencil Tests Now Available in the ORS
8/28/18 CAASPP Reporting Update--CAA Test Results Available in the ORS and Additional Student Score Reports Shipping
7/18/18 CASPPP Student Data File Available in TOMS
7/16/18 CAASPP: Student Score Reports for Smarter Balanced Online Summative Assessments Now Shipping
7/16/18 CAA for Science Data Entry Deadline is July 16, 2018
6/28/18 CAASPP: Student Score Reports for Smarter Balanced Online Summative Assessments Now Processing
6/12/18 CAASPP--2017–18 Post-Test Survey
6/04/18 CAASPP-Reminder: Today's Webcast: The Results Are In--Now What?
5/29/18 CAASPP--Smarter Balanced Online Test Results Available in the ORS and TOMS
5/17/18 CAASPP-Reminder--2017–18 Post-Test Workshop Webcasts
4/18/18 CAASPP--Required Forms for 2018–19 CAASPP Administration
5/10/18 CAASPP--REMINDER Post-Test Workshop Registration Deadline Extended
5/08/18 CAASPP--Reminder to Submit Purchase Orders
4/18/18 CAASPP--All Practice and Training Tests Are Available
4/18/18 CAASPP--REMINDER: Post-Test Workshop Registration
4/17/18 CAASPP--CAST Test Administrator Survey Now Available
4/17/18 CAASPP--CSA Training Tests Now Available
4/04/18 CAASPP--Focus Group Interest Form
4/02/18 CAASPP--California Science Test (CAST) Stacked Spanish
4/02/18 CAASPP--Systems Resume for the 2017–18 Test Administration
3/23/18 CAASPP--2017–18 CAA for Science Test Examiner Survey Now Available
3/21/18 CAASPP--Post-Test Workshop New Description and Registration Are Now Available
3/19/18 CAASPP--REMINDER: Scheduled System Downtime for March 2018
3/05/18 CAASPP--Interim Assessment Reporting System Enhancement--Now Available
3/05/18 CAASPP--CAST Grade-Specific Training Tests Now Available
2/23/18 CAASPP--Interim Assessment Reporting System: New Training Video and Upcoming Enhancements
2/21/18 CAASPP--Mac OS 10.13 Operating System Now Supported for 2017–18 Testing
2/15/18 CAASPP--Update to CAST and CAA for Science Test Assignments
2/14/18 CAASPP--2017–18 Test Security Guidelines Webcast
2/13/18 CAASPP--2017–18 Standards-based Tests in Spanish (STS) to be Delivered Online
2/06/18 CAASPP--Important Announcement about Support Operating Systems for 2017–18
1/31/18 CAASPP--Automatic Testing Grade Assignment for Students in Ungraded Programs
1/29/18 CAASPP--Reminder 2017-18 Pretest Workshop Webcast
1/09/18 CAASPP--Systems Resume for the 2017–18 Test Administration
1/09/18 CAASPP--Data Entry Interface for the CAA for Science Now Available
12/18/17 CAASPP--REMINDER: Scheduled System Downtimes for January 2018
12/14/17 CAASPP--System Component Release Dates
12/06/17 Interim Assessment Reporting System--Create and Manage Student Groups
12/04/17 CAASPP--New Functionalities Available in TOMS
11/28/17 CAASPP--Managing Digital Library Accounts for LEA Staff
11/13/17 CAASPP--Registration Available for the 2017–18 Pretest Workshop
11/10/17 CAASPP--Save the Date! Training Opportunities Coming Soon
11/08/17 CAASPP--November 15 Webcast CAASPP Accessibility and Accommodations
11/01/17 CAASPP--CAA for Science Embedded PTs and Resources
10/24/17 CAASPP--Important Announcement about Supported Operating Systems for 2017–18
10/20/17 CAASPP--2017–18 CAA for Science Grade 5 Training Embedded Performance Task Now Available
10/19/17 CAASPP--Update CALPADS Data Regularly
9/12/17 CAASPP--Operating System Support Update
9/11/17 CAASPP--Establishing LEA Staff Access to the Interim Assessment Reporting System
9/05/17 CAASPP--Systems Resume for the 2017-18 Test Administration
8/29/17 CAASPP--REMINDER: Registration now open for Digital Library and Interim Assessment training opportunities
8/16/17 New California Assessment System Password Process
8/16/17 CAASPP--Interim Assessment Transition to 2017-18 Administration
7/24/17 CAASPP--Registration now open for Digital Library and Interim Assessment training opportunities!
6/19/17 CAASPP--Save the Date! Digital Library and Interim Assessment Training Opportunities
6/12/17 CAASPP--Required Forms for 2017-18 CAASPP Administration
6/09/17 CAASPP--Scheduled System Downtimes for the 2017-18 Test Administration
5/25/17 CAASPP--Register for the CAASPP Summer Hand Scoring Workshops!
5/01/17 CAASPP--System Downtime for the Transition to 2017-18 School Year