2014–15 Archived Webcasts and Training Videos

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Training Videos

Title Tutorial & Presentation Links

Using the CAASPP Individual Student Assessment Accessibility Profile (ISAAP) Tool Tutorial

What is Computer Adaptive Testing (CAT)?

Embedded Universal Tools and Online Features

Performance Task Overview

Test Administrator (TA) Interface for Online Testing

Technology Requirements for Online Testing

Student Interface for Online Testing

Setting Up Test Administrations in TOMS

Adding and Managing Users in the Test Operations Management System (TOMS)

California Alternate Assessments Logon Process

CAA Test Administration Tutorial for CAA Test Examiners


Title Tutorial & Presentation Links

2014–15 CAASPP Reporting (August 2015)

2015 Post-Test Workshop: Reporting Summative Assessment Results (May 2015)

Introduction to the 2015 CAASPP Online Reporting System (May 2015)

California Alternate Assessments (CAA) Field Test Introduction and Instructions for Administration (March 2015)

Open Forum: Smarter Balanced Summative Assessment (March 2015)

2015 Test Security Guidelines (February 2015)

Smarter Balanced Online Test Workshops (January—February 2015)

Smarter Balanced Interim Assessments: Part II (January 2015)

Smarter Balanced Interim Assessments: Part I (January 2015)

Configuring Online Student Test Settings in TOMS (December 2014)

2015 Paper-Pencil Test Administration Workshop (December 2014)

Student Paper-pencil Test Registration in TOMS (November 2014)

Preparing Your LEA’s Student Paper-pencil Test Registration File (November 2014)

Using the Online Practice and Training Tests (November 2014)

Accessibility and Accommodations for CAASPP 2014–15: An Overview (October 2014)

CAASPP: Preparing Your LEA’s Technology for 2015 Online Testing (October 2014)

CALPADS and CAASPP Integration (September 2014)

2014 CAASPP Interpreting and Using Results (September 2014)

2015 TOMS Test Administration Setup (August 2014)