2017–18 In-Person Workshops and Professional Development Opportunities

The California Department of Education hosts a variety of workshops and professional development opportunities each year to assist local educational agencies (LEAs), test site coordinators, test administrators, and other educators as they carry out the activities associated with the California Assessment of Student Performance and Progress (CAASPP). Each workshop is held at regional locations throughout California.

This web page contains the workshop information and materials for the trainings that occurred in 2017–18. Several workshops also are broadcast as live-streamed Webcasts and are available through the Videos and Archived Webcasts web page, where archived training materials can be found. Note that live Webcasts and training videos are available for all to view.

For LEA CAASPP Coordinators

  • 2017–18 CAASPP/ELPAC Pretest Workshop (January 2018)
    The 2017–18 CAASPP Pretest Workshop focused on how to prepare for and administer the assessments part of the CAASPP umbrella. The archived webcast can be found under the heading Videos and Archived Webcasts web page. Workshop materials for this workshop are available electronically.

For All Interested LEA Staff

  • 2017–18 CAST Academy (April and October)
    The California Science Test (CAST) Academy was offered in April and will be offered again in October 2018. The training included learning about the CAST assessment design and expectations; deconstructing a Next Generation Science Standards for California (CA NGSS) performance expectation; exploring the CAST training test items and identifying their demands and expectations; and considering the implications of the CA NGSS and CAST training test items for improved teaching and learning. You may view the workshop flyer to learn more about this past training opportunity. 2017–18 workshop materials from the April workshops are available.
  • CAASPP Institute (October 2018)
    The CAASPP Institute was a two-day, in-person, professional development opportunity for teams of educators, including classroom teachers, coaches, teachers on special assignment, and site administrators who play a role in supporting the implementation of CAASPP in the classroom. The CAASPP Institute was offered in six locations and included interactive breakout sessions on the formative assessment process, interim and summative assessments, as well as accessibility resources. You may view the workshop flyer to learn more about this past training opportunity.
  • Summer Institute 2018 (July–August)
    The Summer Institute 2018 was a two-day, in-person, professional development opportunity titled "Analyzing Student Work and Using the Interim and Digital Library Systems to Inform Teaching and Learning." The Summer Institute was for classroom teachers, instructional coaches, and teachers on special assignment in kindergarten through grade twelve looking to understand how different types of assessment work together to support student learning. Participants were trained on analysis and hand scoring of student work in order to help improve teaching and learning. However, administrators were also invited to this training to inform their support of classroom teachers. You may view the workshop flyer to learn more about this past training opportunity.