In-Person Workshops and Professional Development Opportunities

On behalf of the California Department of Education, Educational Testing Service hosts a variety of workshops and professional development opportunities each year to assist local educational agencies (LEAs), test site coordinators, test administrators, and other educators as they carry out the activities associated with the California Assessment of Student Performance and Progress (CAASPP). Each workshop is held at regional locations throughout California. Dates and locations for workshops are available on the calendar and on the registration form when registration becomes available.

Several workshops also are broadcast as live-streamed Webcasts. Registration is not required to view a Webcast. To participate, visit the CAASPP Webcast Web page. Additional training opportunities are available through the Training Videos and Resources Web page, where archived training materials can be found. Note that live Webcasts and training videos are available for all to view.

For LEA CAASPP Coordinators

  • Summer Hand Scoring Workshop (July–August)
    This workshop provides information about the effective use of rubrics and other Smarter Balanced materials used to score constructed responses and performance tasks for the CAASPP Smarter Balanced assessments. Registration is now available.
  • Pretest Workshop (January–February)
    This workshop provides information about how to prepare for and administer CAASPP online assessments, including the California Alternate Assessments and the new online science assessments. This workshop is also offered as a live-streamed Webcast. Workshop materials are available.
  • Post-Test Workshop (May–June)
    This workshop provides information about the interpretation and use of student results on the CAASPP assessments and the reports. The workshop provides high-level information on the scoring of the online summative assessments, describes the various components of the Student Score Reports, and reviews how to use the Online Reporting System. This workshop also is offered as a live-streamed Webcast. Registration is now available. Workshop materials external icon are available to download or print.

For Educators

  • Train-the-Trainer: Interim Assessment Hand Scoring Workshop (September–October)
    Lead teachers and curriculum coaches are encouraged to attend this workshop, and then provide training for test administrators and other educators at their LEA. Information about the Smarter Balanced Interim Assessments is provided, including the interim comprehensive assessments and the interim assessment blocks. Each workshop will cover how to administer interim assessments and will provide considerations for how to use the tests and results to enrich and inform teaching. This workshop is not offered as a live-streamed Webcast.
  • Scoring Certification: Operational Hand Scoring Workshop (March–April)
    Current and past teachers are encouraged to learn to score the online summative assessments, pass the certification, and become paid raters. This workshop provides scoring training to California teachers for the English language arts/literacy (ELA) and mathematics Smarter Balanced Summative Assessments in grades three through eight and grade eleven. Participants are trained in the effective use of rubrics to accurately score responses and prepare to take and pass the certification for the scoring of these assessments. Included is an opportunity for scoring during an upcoming test administration. Registration is now closed. Interested educators can also be trained as a paid rater online by completing a job application.

For All Interested LEA Staff

  • Summer Hand Scoring Workshop (July–August)
    Participants learn to score constructed-response items and performance tasks for ELA and mathematics and to prepare students for the Smarter Balanced Summative Assessments. Note that this workshop is not offered as a live-streamed Webcast. Registration is now available.
  • Digital Library and Interim Assessment Clinic (September–October)
    The clinic provides LEA CAASPP coordinators and other LEA staff with general information about the Digital Library and interim assessments. Attendees learn how to access resources that are designed to support teaching and learning. Various resources available in the Digital Library that help support the formative assessment process also are presented in the clinic. This workshop is not offered as a live-streamed Webcast. Registration is now closed.