Student Score Report (SSR) Options

SSRs are available electronically, and local educational agencies (LEAs) can provide SSRs to parents/guardians.

Options for Providing SSRs

Depending upon an LEA's unique factors, one of the following options may be preferable over another, or an LEA may want to consider a combined approach to providing SSRs to parents/guardians. There are three options for accessing and providing SSRs to parents/guardians:

  1. Access electronic SSRs using a locally provided parent or student portal
  2. Download SSRs from the Test Operations Management System (TOMS) and make available electronically via a secure local method
  3. Download SSRs from TOMS, print, and make available locally

View the Electronic Student Score Reports Communications Toolkit to learn more about how to communicate this transition to parents and guardians.

View the Options for Providing Student Score Reports Flyer to determine the best option(s) for the LEA.

View the Porterville Unified School District Electronic Reporting Case Study (Updated 02/19/19) and the Central Unified School District Electronic Reporting Case Study (Posted 03/23/20) documents to see how an LEA successfully implemented electronic student score reports.

View the student score reports options information on the CAASPP Frequently Asked Questions web page for additional information.

Electronic Score Reporting Video

This video provides an introduction to electronic score reporting and an overview of its benefits. View this video online or download it. An LEA that plans to provide SSRs electronically through a locally provided parent or student portal should consider downloading and posting this video to the LEA website to communicate with parents and guardians about electronic SSRs.

Resource for Families: Starting Smarter Website

The Starting Smarter website is available to help empower parents/guardians and families to become partners in their children's academic success:

This family-focused website provides resources to facilitate parents'/guardians' understanding of the scores presented on a child's SSRs. Using this website, families can become involved in their child's educational progress and

  • learn more about the performance areas in each subject and grade,
  • review sample test questions,
  • prepare for parent-teacher conferences with a useful downloadable guide, and
  • access high-quality resources to support learning at home.

Last Reviewed: Thursday, June 11, 2020