Purchase Paper Student Score Reports (SSRs) from Educational Testing Service (ETS)

This service will not be available for 2020–21 administration year. Although it is possible to elect to purchase paper SSRs in TOMS, a pop-up message will notify the user that this service is not available.

California Assessment of Student Performance and Progress (CAASPP) paper SSRs can be purchased from ETS and distributed to parents/guardians using a distribution method determined locally. To get an overview of what a local educational agency (LEA) can order, please view the Purchasing 2018–19 Paper SSRs flyer.

Pricing of SSRs

SSRs will cost $1.48 per set of paper SSRs. LEAs also have the option to purchase SSRs inserted into envelopes for $2.00. For this option, each SSR will come in a separate envelope. View the paper SSRs available for purchase on the Purchasing 2018–19 Paper SSRs flyer.

Preparing to Order Paper SSRs

LEAs that are planning to order all or some paper SSRs from ETS can prepare by completing the following steps:

  1. Identify the student/parent population that will require paper SSRs.
  2. Estimate the number of students you will need to order paper SSRs for, keeping in mind that additional SSRs for students taking the California Science Test (CAST), California Spanish Assessment (CSA), or both will also cost $1.48 or $2.00 per pair of additional SSRs.
  3. Estimate the cost for all paper SSRs to prepare a purchase order for ordering paper SSRs.
  4. Ensure parent/guardian addresses are updated through the California Longitudinal Pupil Achievement Data System (CALPADS) regularly to ensure accuracy.

Ordering SSRs in the Test Operations Management System (TOMS)

The ability to order paper SSRs is available in TOMS. LEAs that would like to request paper SSRs to be printed and shipped to the LEA by ETS for a fee will have the opportunity to order printed SSRs after the TOMS April release.

LEAs must request paper CAASPP SSRs prior to the end of the state testing window on July 15, and paper ELPAC SSRs prior to June 30. LEA CAASPP or LEA ELPAC coordinators should contact the California Technical Assistance Center (CalTAC) by July 15 to cancel an order. LEAs should prepare a purchase order for ordering paper SSRs after ordering from CalTAC.

Printing and Packaging Considerations

When ordering paper SSRs from ETS, be aware of the following details:

  • All SSRs will be shipped to the LEA; no additional boxes will be included for shipping to school sites.
  • Boxes of SSRs are sorted by LEA and school, with dividers between each school group of SSRs. Groups of school SSRs are sorted by grade and are in alphabetical order by student last name.
  • Smarter Balanced Summative Assessments or the California Alternate Assessments (English language arts/literacy or mathematics) SSRs are printed on 11"×17" paper to include all four pages of the enhanced SSR on one sheet of paper. This larger paper size ensures that the pages in a student’s SSR cannot be separated. However, LEAs that want to order SSRs folded and inserted into an envelope or printed on the 8.5"×11" paper size for the entire LEA will need to call CalTAC.
  • 8.5"×11" paper SSRs can be folded to fit in a standard #10 envelope with a window.
  • 11"×17" paper SSR can be folded to fit in a standard 6"×9" envelope.
  • CAST and CSA SSRs are printed on 8.5"×11" paper.
  • SSRs are printed in color.
  • SSRs will include the parent/guardian address at no additional charge to the LEA.
  • Two copies of the paper SSR are included in a set, either two in English, or one in English and one in the student’s primary language if that language is Spanish, Vietnamese, Mandarin or Cantonese (traditional Chinese), and Filipino.
  • CSA SSRs are available in English and Spanish only.

Important Note: Although Smarter Balanced Summative Assessments or the California Alternate Assessments (English language arts/literacy or mathematics) SSRs will fit in a standard #10 envelope with a window by folding in half and then again into thirds, many folding machines cannot accommodate the secondary fold when the paper is folded into thirds.

Distributing SSRs to Parents/Guardians

Once the paper SSRs arrive at the LEA, there are a variety of distribution methods. Some examples of distributing paper SSRs to parents/guardians include, but are not limited to

  • mailing the report to the home address,
  • sending it home with the student, or
  • notifying the parent/guardian that the SSR can be picked up at the school site.

Paper SSRs will be printed and shipped in August for Smarter Balanced and California Alternate Assessments for ELA and mathematics. LEAs will receive an additional shipment in December or January that will include CAST and CSA SSRs.

Important Note: Postage costs may vary depending upon the number of SSRs to be mailed.

Last Reviewed: Thursday, June 11, 2020