2019–2020 System Enhancements Archive

This page includes planned CAASPP and ELPAC system enhancements and estimated release dates for when these enhancements will be available for local educational agencies (LEAs).

Planned System Enhancements

Release Date System Enhancement

2019–20 Administration through the 2021–22 Administration

California Educator Reporting System

The Interim Assessment Reporting System and the Online Reporting System (ORS) make up the foundation of the new California Educator Reporting System (CERS). Over the next couple of years, as more summative test results are made available in CERS, it will become the one-stop shop for interim and summative assessment results for all CAASPP and ELPAC assessments, as the ORS will eventually be retired.

CERS will include results for all assessments, which makes reporting more accessible to all educators. The CERS timeline table shows the schedule for making test results available in CERS.


Single Sign-on

We are implementing a single sign-on that will allow CAASPP and ELPAC system users to use a single username and password to access the following systems:

  • Test Operations Management System (TOMS)
  • Test Administrator Interface
  • Interim Assessment Viewing System
  • Interim Assessment Hand Scoring System
  • Interim Assessment Reporting System (California Educator Reporting System)
  • Online Reporting System (ORS)
  • Completion Status and Roster Management
  • Digital Library
  • Data Entry Interface (DEI)
  • Practice and Training Tests

Single sign-on will provide all CAASPP and ELPAC TOMS users access to the Digital Library for all ELPAC and CAASPP TOMS users. Access to other systems will continue to be role-based. Once logged into TOMS, users can toggle between the systems they have access to by selecting the Links tab.


Reporting System Sandbox

The Interim Assessment Reporting System (California Educator Reporting System) has a new resource called the Reporting System Sandbox. This training tool, developed by Smarter Balanced to help educators become familiar with the features and functions of the reporting system in a nonsecure environment, features virtually the same functions as the reporting system, but uses practice test items and fictitious student data. It can be used individually or in a group training environment. Because the Sandbox does not contain any secure information, no logon credentials are needed to access it. Users simply go to the Reporting System Sandbox and select a role, such as teacher, school administrator, or district administrator, to enter the Sandbox and view it from the perspective of that role. Users also can access the tool through the CAASPP Portal Interim Assessment Administration Resources web page.

2019–20 Administration

The ELPAC Test Operations Management System (TOMS) and CAASPP TOMS will be integrated into a new and improved system, called MyTOMS. MyTOMS will include features such as:

  • A user-friendly dashboard displaying information about test eligibility, testing windows, testing status, and student demographic information
  • Page instructions that provide helpful instructions on how to complete the functions within MyTOMS
  • A new notification center with easy access to important announcements
  • Additional flexibility of access to testing programs and user roles for users with multiple roles
  • A streamlined interface that uses graphics for improved navigation to functions and reports

07/08/19—ELPAC functions available in MyTOMS (View the ELPAC MyTOMS Screen Mockups external icon web document to preview the new interface.)

09/03/19—CAASPP functions available in MyTOMS (View the CAASPP MyTOMS Screen Mockups web document to preview the new interface.)

CERS Timeline

Assessment Name Results From Prior Years Available Daily Feed of Results Available
ELPAC November 2019 June 2020
Summative assessments for ELA and mathematics January 2020 Spring 2021
California Alternate Assessments (CAAs) for ELA and mathematics January 2020 Spring 2021
California Spanish Assessment Summer 2020 Spring 2021
California Science Test Summer 2020 Spring 2021
CAA for Science not applicable Spring 2021
Alternate ELPAC not applicable Spring 2022