The California Spanish Assessment Communications and Outreach Toolkit

California’s student population is greatly diverse, and among the largest of those groups are Spanish-speaking students, which includes native speakers and non-native Spanish language speakers. To better serve this group of students, California has developed a new optional online test called the California Spanish Assessment (CSA). The CSA gives all students in grades three through eight and high school the opportunity to demonstrate their reading, writing mechanics, and listening skills in Spanish. The test is aligned with the California Common Core State Standards (CCSS) en Español and was developed with the help of California Spanish language educators and assessment experts. The CSA not only demonstrates a student’s literacy in Spanish, it is also a valuable tool that local educational agencies (LEAs) can use to evaluate their local Spanish reading language arts instruction.

To help LEAs inform parents and guardians about the new CSA, California is providing a communications toolkit that LEAs can use in their outreach efforts. The toolkit contains the following components:

  • Key Messages — An overview of the CSA, its benefits, and information about Student Score Reports (SSRs) intended to help LEAs provide consistent messaging about the CSA in all their outreach efforts.
  • Frequently Asked Questions — A document that LEAs can use to help address parent/guardian questions about the CSA
  • “Talking to Parents” (Posted 01/16/20) — A PowerPoint presentation that LEAs can customize to provide information to parents and guardians on how to read a CSA SSR.
  • Guidance for Analyzing CSA Results (Posted 03/03/20) — A document that LEAs can use to understand the alignment between their LEAs instructional programs and the CSA.
  • Resources for Parents and Guardians — A list of available resources for LEAs and parents/guardians regarding the CSA.