Latest News and Tips for the CAASPP Administration

  1. The Security and Test Administration Incident Reporting System (STAIRS) video tutorial is now available on the Security and Test Administration Incident Reporting Systems page under “Training Videos.”
  2. The California Alternate Assessment (CAA) for Science Administration Planning Guides are now available on the CAA information web page. The CAA for Science Training Test Performance Task Directions for Administration, which provides information about the new, online, CAA for Science training test, is available on both the CAA information and Test Administrator and Test Examiner Resources for the Online Practice and Training Tests web pages. (Posted 3/26/19)
  3. Enhanced test blueprints for the 2018-19 Smarter Balanced Summative Assessments have been implemented. LEA CAASPP Coordinators have been notified by email. Please review the Smarter Balanced Web site for additional information about the enhanced CAT blueprints.
  4. LEA CAASPP or ELPAC coordinators can now generate credentials (i.e., a User Name and Secret Key) in the TOMS to provide to your parent or student portal vendor. Refer to the How to Generate Credentials for Student Information System Vendors in TOMS quick reference guide for instructions on how to generate the User Name and Secret Key.
  5. The archive webcast and PowerPoint slides with notes for the 2018–19 CAASPP and ELPAC Pretest Administration Workshop is now available on the bottom of the Videos and Archived Webcasts page.
  6. The California Department of Education (CDE) is pleased to announce a new contest, Science – It’s Elementary! Open to kindergarten through grade five California public school teachers, the CDE is calling for submissions demonstrating the use of the formative assessment process in the study of science. The contest seeks to feature classrooms where the formative assessment process is used to guide the study of science phenomena based on the California Next Generation Science Standards (CA NGSS).
  7. The California Alternate Assessment (CAAs) for Science webcast is now available on the Videos and Archived Webcasts page. The webcast provides background information on the CAA for Science, a new planning resource called the Administration Planning Guide, the step-by-step sequence of how an embedded performance task, or embedded PT, is administered, test security procedures, checklists, reporting and tracking, and the training resources that were developed this year.
  8. The California Science Test (CAST) Periodic Table is now available on the CAST information web page. The CAST assessments for grade eight and high school include a periodic table and a reference list of formulas that students may access during online testing as universal tools. Files that contain a periodic table of elements and reference list of formulas that can be embossed in braille are forthcoming. (Posted 11/16/2018)
  9. California teachers are invited to contribute their expertise to the test development process. Fill out an online application external icon to be considered for CAASPP review activities. (Posted 7/21/16)

Upcoming Events

  • Please join us for the 2018–19 CAASPP The Results are In—Now What?
    Analyzing Assessment Results to Inform Teaching and Learning workshop. The workshop will focus on analyzing and using previous years’ results to inform teaching and learning amongst related topics. Workshops will occur from May 28 to June 13, 2019. You can view the dates and locations by accessing the calendar. Register Here.
  • Summer Institute 2019 (July–August)
    The Summer Institute 2019 is a two-day, in-person, professional development opportunity titled "Analyzing Student Work and Using the Interim and Digital Library Systems to Inform Teaching and Learning." The Summer Institute is for classroom teachers, instructional coaches, and teachers on special assignment in kindergarten through grade twelve looking to understand how different types of assessment work together to support student learning. Participants will be trained on analysis and hand scoring of student work in order to help improve teaching and learning. However, administrators also may find this training useful to inform their support of classroom teachers. Participants are required to have a Digital Library account and should sign up prior to attending. Register here. You may want to print and display the workshop flyer to advertise this training opportunity..


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Testing in California

California local educational agency (LEA) testing coordinators can use this website to find helpful information, instructions, training, forms, and external links for test administration.

LEAs are administering the following tests in 2018–19:

English language arts/literacy and mathematics assessments (grades three through eight and grade eleven):

  • Smarter Balanced
  • California Alternate Assessments (CAAs)

Science assessments (grades five and eight and high school):

  • California Science Test
  • CAA for Science

Spanish assessments (grades three through eight and high school):

  • California Spanish Assessment