CAASPP Known Issues Log

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Known Issue details
Date Identified Date Updated Date Resolved Issue
10/02/2018 10/18/2018 TBD
There is a known issue with the Manner of Administration for Interim Assessments where the “standardized” test selection at the session-level is not persisting. For the time being, test administers should set “standardized” at the student-level until this has been fixed. We are currently working on a fix, and we will let users know as soon as this fix has been implemented.
09/04/18 09/19/18 TBD
Some users may notice that the columns containing counts or percentages in the completion status report Excel file appear as text instead of numeric values. The columns may be converted to numeric values by using the following steps in Excel:
  1. Click on the column containing text for numeric conversion
  2. In the Data menu, select “Text to Columns”
  3. Click the Finish button

If you have questions or need additional support, please contact CalTAC.

09/04/18 09/25/18 09/25/18
Users are currently unable to access 2018–19 interim assessment test results due to a technical issue related to the Interim Assessment Reporting System. This issue will not impact taking interim assessments, but it will delay the receipt of the results.

While most functions of the Interim Assessment Reporting System are fully operational, the ability to view student responses are limited to multiple-choice (single and multiple selection) item types. A fix to allow the viewing of student responses for all item types is expected the week of September 24th. We will let you know as soon as this fix has been implemented.

Resolution: A fix has been made to the Interim Assessment Reporting System and all functions are now operational. Users will be able to see student responses to all item types.

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