CAASPP Known Issues Log

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Date Identified Date Updated Date Resolved Issue
06/07/17 06/15/17 Open
An issue was identified that affects the availability of the 2014–15 test results in the Online Reporting System (ORS). The 2014–15 test results are temporarily unavailable in the ORS while the issue is corrected.

Note: This issue does not affect the ORS or the 2015–16 and 2016–17 test results in the ORS.

Resolution In Progress. We are repopulating the 2014–15 test results in the ORS. The process to repopulate will take time. ETS estimates a target completion date of August 25, 2017.

Recommend Source for 2014–15 Aggregate Test Results:

Recommended Sources for 2014–15 Student-level Test Results:

  • Student Results Report—Student Score Data Extract by accessing the [Reports] button and then the [LEA Reports] button in the Test Operations Management System (TOMS)
  • Student Score Report (SSR) PDFs by accessing the [Reports] button and then the [SSR PDFs] button in TOMS

Please contact CalTAC for additional assistance.

04/13/17 04/25/17 04/25/17
The Interim Assesssment Hand Scoring System no longer displays an errant warning message when attempting to score item responses.
04/07/17 04/11/17 04/11/17
Two grade three California Alternate Assessment (CAA) for English Language Arts/Literacy (ELA) items are presented in reversed order by the test delivery system when compared with the grade three CAA Directions for Administration (DFA).

Two grade three CAA for ELA items presented by the online test delivery system were swapped. The items that were in reversed order are screen numbers #14 and #15 in the Stage 2 Tier 3 “hard” section.

Resolution: Beginning April 10, 2017, all five versions of the grade three CAA DFAs were updated and replaced in the Test Operations Management System.

No student test scores will be affected, regardless of whether students were administered the items with the original version of the DFA or the corrected version. For local educational agencies that have not yet administered the grade three CAA to students, Educational Testing Service recommends taking steps to ensure that CAA test examiners have the corrected version of the grade three CAA DFA.

02/16/17 02/17/17 02/17/17
The ViewPlus embosser used for braille testing no longer lists Windows Vista as a supported operating system.

Resolution: Students testing with this braille accommodation must use devices loaded with a current version of the Windows operating system (7, 8.0, 8.1, or 10). This system update will not affect the Refreshable Braille Display. The ViewPlus desktop driver includes the Tiger Viewer software, which allows printing of questions and stimuli that contain tactile or spatial components (such as images).

02/10/17 02/13/17 Open
The California Science Test (CAST) training test has only one calculator available.

The CAST training test contains content from every grade level that will be tested for science (grades five, eight, and a grade assigned in high school). For the training test, students will have only a four-function calculator available to them for all items on the test, regardless of the grade level of the content. However, on the pilot test itself, a scientific calculator that provides a more robust functional suite will be available for grade eight and high school. This situation will persist for the foreseeable future.

02/03/17 02/13/17 Open
When taking a training or practice test in Internet Explorer, users may need to double-click a text box item to begin entering a response. This issue affects English language arts/literacy, mathematics, and science training and practice tests.

For items that require text entry into a box, students may need to double-click the box before they are able to input text. This issue is localized to training or practice tests taken using Internet Explorer and does not affect interim or summative assessments taken in the secure browser, or training and practice tests taken using a different browser. The issue occurs intermittently.

A fix is being investigated.

12/21/16 12/21/16 Open
Users see a blank page instead of downloadable student assessment result reports in the Interim Assessment Reporting System.

When the Student assessment results option has been selected, the [Download] button in the Download popup box is producing a blank page instead of downloadable student assessment result reports. Research indicates that for a small percentage of local educational agencies, special characters, such as accent marks, in student names are preventing the report links from appearing.

A fix is currently under way.

11/14/16 11/15/16 1/06/17
There are some external keyboard features that are not disabled when using a mobile device management (MDM) profile in Autonomous Single App Mode (ASAM) to provision iPads with iOS 10 and the mobile secure browser 3.4.
Resolution: Update the operating system for iPads to version iOS 10.2.
10/13/16 11/09/16 11/09/16
A small percentage of results from the Smarter Balanced Interim Assessments have failed to appear in the Interim Assessment (IA) Reporting System since mid-October 2016.
Resolution: Results from all interim assessments administered prior to October 27, 2016, should appear in the IA Reporting System by November 8, 2016. Results from interim assessments administered between October 27, 2016, and November 7, 2016, will appear by November 9.
11/03/16 11/07/16 11/07/16
Users with roles at multiple sites—such as an IA Administrator at School A and a Site Coordinator at School B—are being assigned the user role with the highest access level at all sites. In this example, the user would be assigned the level of access for a Test Site Coordinator at both sites; this can lead to security issues. “Sites” can include both test sites and local educational agencies (LEAs).
Resolution: The Test Operations Management System will assign a user the role with the highest access level at all sites. There are two possible solutions, depending on the security needs of the test site(s) and/or LEA(s):
  1. A user must be assigned the user role with the highest access level for all sites. For example, if a user is a Test Administrator at School A and a Test Site Coordinator at School B, he or she can be assigned the Site Coordinator at all test sites.
  2. A user can be assigned to multiple sites and maintain differing levels of access by using a different e-mail address for the user role at each site.
10/06/16 11/15/16 1/06/17
Users of iPads with iOS 10 must install mobile secure browser 3.4 in order to administer the Smarter Balanced Interim Assessments. The AIRSecureTest mobile secure browser 3.4 for iPads can be downloaded from the App Store. The process for installing the secure browser is the same as for any other application.

Resolution: Update the operating system for iPads to version iOS 10.2.

09/29/16 09/29/16 09/29/16
Users whose e-mail addresses contain an e-mail domain extension of more than three letters (such as “”) are not receiving their user credentials after being assigned a user role in the Test Operations Management System (TOMS).

Resolution: California Assessment of Student Performance and Progress (CAASPP) systems such as TOMS can only accept user e-mail addresses with domain extensions of three or fewer characters (such as “”). Users whose e-mail domain extensions contain four or more characters must submit an alternate e-mail address whose domain extension contains three or fewer characters.

08/22/16 08/22/16 08/22/16
There are issues with the way parent/guardian addresses have printed on Student Score Reports (SSRs).

Issue 1: The bar code representing the postal zip code on all SSRs uses the older POSTNET™ technology. Resolution: We recommend that you contact your local U.S. Postal Service office or mailing service provider to alert it of this issue. Note that steps have been taken to change to the IntelligentMail® barcode format for the 2016–17 California Assessment of Student Performance and Progress (CAASPP) administration.

Issue 2: The address block printed on SSR for grade ten science and the Standards-based Tests in Spanish shifted so that the city, state, and zip code may not appear properly in the envelope window. Resolution: We recommend that you adjust the folding technique or the setting on the folding machine to compensate. This issue was corrected on the SSRs that some local educational agencies will receive for late-processing scores at the end of August 2016 and will be corrected for subsequent CAASPP administrations.

05/17/16 05/19/16 (Closed without resolution)
American Sign Language (ASL) videos for content within the Smarter Balanced interim and summative assessments and practice and training tests will not play on a Mac 10.10 platform.

Because of recent changes in the Mac 10.10 operating system, ASL videos, which are in .mp4 video file format, will not play. While a secure solution is being sought, it is recommended that students who require this embedded accommodation be tested on a different platform.

04/26/16 04/26/16 (Closed without resolution)
Third party keyboards with physical “LOCK” buttons may exit students from a test with a security warning.

Pressing the [Lock] button on third party keyboards such as a Belkin keyboard or Logitech keyboard will generate a lock screen on the student testing interface and will trigger the security breach detector, resulting in a student’s being exited off the test with a security warning. These buttons typically have a symbol of a lock or a square icon.

4/02/15 4/02/15 10/15
The pace of the text-to-speech support on iPad devices is sometimes too rapid but cannot be changed.

Text-to-speech on iPad devices is supported by the secure browser, but the pace of this support cannot be adjusted on an iPad. If the pace of the audio is too fast for the student, please test on a different device, if possible. Downloading a new iOS voice pack will not resolve this issue, as the secure browser uses the native iOS voice pack for text-to-speech. A solution is being pursued. Thank you for your patience.

3/16/15 3/16/15 10/15
The Smarter Balanced grades three and four mathematics Practice Tests includes two types of test questions that will cause a warning message to appear when the completed practice test is submitted.

The test questions are questions 1 and 3 on the grade three mathematics Practice Test and question 2 on the grade four mathematics Practice Test. The test questions are valid types of items; however, the questions do not yet have full functionality in the Practice Test versions. Smarter Balanced plans to update the Practice Tests in future administrations.

3/15/15 3/15/15 10/15
Using the [Tab] key to navigate or format text in an online summative assessment on an iPad using iOS 8 or higher logs the student off his or her testing session.

Resolution: While Apple works to find a solution to the [Tab] issue in iOS 8 and higher, please advise your students to use a touch gesture instead of the [Tab] key in the secure browser to move between test elements, and to press the [Spacebar] to indent paragraphs in written responses. They must not press the [Tab] key at all. Thank you for your patience while this issue is being resolved.

1/30/15 2/20/15 10/15
A white screen appears after installing Mobile Secure Browser 3.0 for iOS tablets.

On iOS tablets that had a previous version of the Mobile Secure Brower, a white screen appears when starting Mobile Secure Browser 3.0, after installing the new browser.

Resolution: Completely uninstall both browsers versions and then install Mobile Secure Browser 3.0. In general, it is recommended that you uninstall the previous version of the Secure Browser before installing the new version.