Test Administrator Resources for Summative Assessments

These resources support administration of the California Assessment of Student Performance and Progress (CAASPP) Smarter Balanced Summative Assessments and California Science Tests (CAST).


Online Test Administration Manual for CAASPP Testing—Select this link to expand or collapse the list of downloadable options. (Updated 03/22/17.)

Sample Calculators

Certain sections of the Smarter Balanced Online Assessments for Mathematics for grades six through eight and grade eleven include an embedded calculator for students to use during that portion of the test. See the Smarter Balanced Calculator Availability for Operational Assessments external icon Web document for more information about these calculators. The calculators linked here are sample calculators that students can access; they are also available in the practice tests.

Beginning with the 2016–17 administration, CAASPP is upgrading to the Desmos calculator for online testing. The publicly available Desmos calculator will vary slightly from the Desmos calculator students will use in the online test delivery system. In the Desmos testing calculator, some calculator features are suppressed (e.g., the calculator’s ability to solve algebraic equations) to maintain the construct of the test. More information on using Desmos with CAASPP Smarter Balanced assessments is available on the Desmos + Smarter Balanced external icon Web page.

Non-embedded Resources

  • Smarter Balanced Translated Test Directions (non-embedded)
  • Multiplication Table
    A non-embedded accommodation (mathematics) for students with an individualized education program (IEP) or Section 504 plan in grades four through eight and grade eleven.
  • 100s Number Table
    A non-embedded accommodation (mathematics) for students with an IEP or Section 504 plan in grades four through eight and grade eleven.
  • The CAST pilot assessments for grades eight and high school include a periodic table and reference sheets that students access during online testing as universal tools. These grade-level reference materials may be accessed to print and use as non-embedded designated supports for the CAST; there is no requirement to use these materials in the classroom. These reference tools are not meant to guide instruction. See the Printing Enlarged Science Reference Tools quick start guide if the student requires a science reference tool to be enlarged and printed on 11x17 paper by the test administrator. Note that the science reference tool PDFs do not currently meet Web Content Accessibility Guidelines.

Test Administrator Instructions


For resources supporting administration of the California Alternate Assessments:

See the California Alternate Assessments Web page.