California Science Test (CAST)

The California Science Test (CAST) is an online test based on the California Next Generation Science Standards. All local educational agencies (LEAs) with eligible students in grades five and eight will administer a pilot CAST. LEAs with eligible students in high school (i.e., students in grades ten, eleven, or twelve) will be pre-selected and only one grade will participate in the spring 2017 pilot. The CAST pilot uses the current California Assessment of Student Performance and Progress test delivery system and will only be administered online. Students will not receive scores for the pilot test; however, student participation data will be collected and reported for accountability.

Who takes the CAST pilot? Participation in the CAST pilot is required for all students in grades five and eight, and for the pre-selected high school grades with the exception of eligible students who will take the California Alternate Assessment for Science pilot.

2016-17 CAST Pilot Test Materials



Science Reference Tools:

The CAST pilot assessments for grades eight and high school include reference sheets that students access during online testing as universal tools. These grade-level reference materials may be accessed to print and use as non-embedded designated supports for the CAST; there is no requirement to use these materials in the classroom. See the Printing Enlarged Science Reference Tools quick start guide if the student requires a science reference tool to be enlarged and printed on 11x17 paper by the test administrator. Note that the science reference tool PDFs do not currently meet Web Content Accessibility Guidelines.

Reference Sheet