Test Administrator and Test Examiner Resources for the Online Practice and Training Tests

These resources support the online practice and training tests for Smarter Balanced and California Alternate Assessments (CAAs) only. Do not use any of these manuals, scoring guides, or performance task rubrics when you administer the summative assessments.

If you are a test administrator or test examiner, access the online Practice and Training Site external icon for test administrators and test examiners.

If you are a student, access the Practice and Training Tests external icon for the online tests.

Manuals and User Guides

Resource Description
Training Test Directions for Administration (DFA) for the California Alternate Assessments The Training Test DFA provides an overview of the CAAs and instructions to use when administering the practice tests for the CAAs for English language arts and mathematics.

Scoring Guides

Select a grade level to see the grade-specific scoring guides for individual download, and check the "Show all scoring guides" box to see all the scoring guides; or download the .zip file (28Mb) that contains all the scoring guides.