CAA for ELA Second Scoring Assignments

Every year, a subset of schools will be required to participate in second scoring. Second scoring is the process of having another test examiner (TE) score the same student's rubric-scored items simultaneously, yet independently, from the student's primary TE. The purpose of second scoring is to establish and document standardized scoring procedures and evaluate the validity of the rubric-scored items.

If a school has been selected to participate in second scoring, the secondary TE must have access to the DFA and be present during the entirety of the administration along with the student and primary TE. Selected schools must provide a second score for all rubric scored items on the CAA for ELA for each of their students.

All second scores must be entered into the Data Entry Interface (DEI) prior to the close of the CAA for ELA test administration window. This can be done by the secondary TE or designated staff member. An answer recording sheet in the appendices of the DFA can be utilized by the secondary test examiner to record judgments on student responses if scores will be entered into the DEI at a later time.

Use the lookup tool to search the school by name or school code to check if your school is selected for second scoring. If your school shows up on the lookup tool, your school has been selected for second scoring.

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Download Directions for Administration

Directions for Administration (DFA) are available starting on January 10, 2023. Take the following steps to access CAA DFAs for ELA and mathematics after this date:

  1. Select the [Resources] button on the Test Operations Management System (TOMS) top navigation bar.
  2. Select "CAAs for ELA and Mathematics Directions for Administration (DFAs)” from the Available Materials list.
  3. Select the button corresponding with the grade being tested.
  4. Scroll down the page to find the form number assigned.
  5. Select a PDF link to initiate the download process.

Last Reviewed: July 27, 2023