Directions for Administration, Preparing for Administration, and Scripts for Summative Assessments

This page contains materials to aid in the administration of the CAASPP assessments.

  • Directions for Administration (DFAs) to be used on the day of administering the CAAs
  • Preparing for Administration (PFAs) to be used in early and advance of administering the CAAs
  • Scripts to be used on the day of administering the Smarter Balanced Summative Assessments, California Science Test (CAST), and California Spanish Assessment (CSA)

Computer-based Assessments

Smarter Balanced and California Science Test Scripts

California Spanish Assessment (CSA)

California Alternate Assessment (CAA)

New in 2022–23 are the PFA documents, which contain nonsecure information that was originally in the first section of the DFAs but is now separate.

Secure DFAs for the CAAs for English language Arts/literacy (ELA) and mathematics and the CAA for Science are located in the Test Operation Management System (TOMS) Link to external site ; select the [Secure Materials] button in the left navigation bar and then the [CAA Secure Materials] button to access. You must log on to TOMS to download these materials.

Smarter Balanced and CAST Paper–Pencil Test Administration

Paper–Pencil Tests

Smarter Balanced

California Science Test

Last Reviewed: January 11, 2023