CAASPP Known Issues

Known Issue details
Date Identified Date Resolved Issue
02/23/21 N/A

When the student completes the Recording Device Check during the logon process, the button that should read [I heard my recording] is instead displaying [Try Again]. We are working to correct the button text and will post an update as soon as this issue is resolved.

Workaround: Students should select the [Try Again] button, verify that the green check mark displays at the top-right corner of the recording device check, and then proceed with the assessment.

11/12/20 03/08/21

The secure browser for Mac computers is not currently supported on computers using macOS 11 (also known as “Big Sur”). At this time, the secure browser is only functional on computers using OS X 10.11 or macOS 10.12 through 10.15.

Resolution: Secure browser version 12.6 is now available and supports macOS 11 or Big Sur. More information can be found on the Secure Browsers external icon website.

02/09/21 02/10/21

Some local educational agencies are reporting that they are experiencing technical issues with the camera during remote testing. Instead of displaying the student video, the Test Administrator Interface shows a gray cloud.

Resolution: This issue has been resolved. LEA staff can resume all remote testing.

Note: If the student is not visible in the Test Administrator Interface, the test administrator or examiner should ask the student to pause the test and then reenter the test. If the issue persists, notify CalTAC. CalTAC will request the following information:

  • Type of device the test administrator or examiner is using
  • Type of device the student is using
  • Assessment being administered
  • Test session ID
  • Student SSID
  • Whether the student was visible at some point
  • Which other parts of the communication widget were not functioning
02/09/21 02/10/21

The secure browser for iPad is currently not functioning as intended for remote administration.

At this time, local educational agency staff should not attempt remote testing of students who are using iPads.

Resolution: This issue has been resolved. LEA staff can resume remote testing on iPads.

01/14/21 N/A

For California Alternate Assessments (CAAs) for English language arts/literacy (ELA), when the streamline mode is assigned in the test delivery system, certain items will render in a manner that may be difficult to see on the screen. For example, when a student or test examiner selects the first part of an item, the user is prevented from interacting with the rest of the item. If this occurs, the user should skip this item and proceed to the next item on the test.

11/13/20 12/09/20

For students who tested prior to December 5, 2020, changes to the Smarter Balanced scale score ranges in some grades to raise the lowest obtainable scale score and raise the highest obtainable scale score were not applied to the Interim Comprehensive Assessments (ICAs) and Interim Assessment Blocks (IABs) for English language arts/literacy and mathematics. As a result, some students received a score inconsistent with either the current values for lowest or highest obtainable scale score.

Resolution: Results affected by this issue will be rescored by December 5, 2020, and reposted by Wednesday, December 9, 2020.

08/11/20 08/12/20

Users are receiving an error message when logging into the Interim Assessment (IA) Viewing System. ETS is working to resolve the issue.

Resolution: This issue has been resolved.

02/18/20 03/10/20
Connectivity Issue on Chromebook

We are aware of a connectivity error message being intermittently displayed on Chrome operating systems when students attempt to log in to the secure browser. Some devices may display a sad face icon instead of taking the student to the “Is this you?” screen or test selection screen.

Resolution: If you experience this issue, you should consult with your technology staff and update your testing devices to Chrome OS 80, which is now stable and approved for testing. Older devices may not have the capacity to upgrade to OS 80 due to Google’s Chrome OS Auto Update Expiration Policy external icon ; for those devices, the students may retry their logon attempt until they reach the Is This You? screen.

Even if you are not experiencing these issues, it is recommended that you set an update limit to the Chrome OS version that students have successfully tested with.

01/29/20 02/20/20
Note: Issue only impacts schools with grade six students.

As part of the review of the 2018–2019 Smarter Balanced statewide assessment data, Educational Testing Service (ETS) recognized that within the pool of grade six English language arts/literacy (ELA) writing extended response (WER) items, six automated-scored WER prompts had low interrater reliability estimates for the conventions (COV) dimension scores. ETS reviewed and analyzed the data and discovered a configuration error in how some of the student responses were transferred. Due to this configuration error, ETS reported lower scores for some of the students who were assigned one of the six WER prompts.

Resolution: ETS has updated the configuration setting, reprocessed the impacted grade six responses, and has rereported CAASPP Smarter Balanced ELA scores for all grade six students whose scale score increased, or those who had a change in at least one WER dimension score due to rescoring. A subset of these students may also experience increases in their achievement level. The reprocessing did not result in any student receiving a lower score than previously reported and did not impact any other grades or content areas.
01/28/20 02/11/20
Users are experiencing delays in accessing recent responses in the Interim Assessment Hand Scoring System (IAHSS) and the California Educator Reporting System (CERS) due to a technical issue in receiving data. This issue will not impact taking interim assessments, but it will delay the receipt of the responses in the IAHSS and receipt of results in CERS.

Resolution: The technical issue has been resolved and the backlog of responses and results have been processed.
10/04/19 10/24/19
Some users have been unable to access the California Educator Reporting System (CERS) and are receiving an error message (HTTP ERROR 405). Users who have an organization name that contains a comma are impacted. ETS is working with Smarter Balanced to resolve the issue.

Resolution: This issue was resolved on October 24, 2019.
09/13/19 09/17/19
The issue with the grade four Reading Literary Texts and Reading Informational Texts interim Assessment Blocks was resolved on September 17. These tests now appear in the Interim Assessment Reporting System.
09/10/19 09/24/19
The Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) indicator continues to be updated in the California Longitudinal Pupil Achievement Data System and will not be available in the Test Operations Management System (TOMS) on September 10, 2019, as anticipated. Local educational agencies should wait to administer the California Alternate Assessment for Science until further notice.

Resolution: The IDEA indicator has been updated in TOMS. The California Alternate Assessment for Science is now available for administration.