CAASPP Known Issues

About Supported Operating Systems

A new version of a supported desktop or mobile operating system may not be supported immediately upon its release. It is recommended that you do not upgrade student testing devices until the operating system version is supported. More information, as well as the list of supported operating system versions, can be found on the Secure Browsers external icon web page.

Unresolved Issues

Date Identified Date Resolved Issue
01/10/24 TBD

Google OS119 missing Spanish voice pack.


  1. Refer to the Supported Operating Systems and Devices Link to external site web page for a list of currently supported systems. The Google information is in the first row of the table.
  2. Install the Spanish voice pack manually on devices that are using ChromeOS 119 and will be used for testing where the text-to-speech resource will be needed by taking the following steps:
    1. Enable the option for the "floating accessibility toolbar" in the ChromeOS Admin console. This must be done by the system administrator.
    2. Open the secure browser on the device(s) that need a Spanish voice pack.
    3. Select the new floating toolbar in the right corner of the screen and then select Settings.
    4. Install the Spanish voice pack.
    5. Disable the option for the floating accessibility menu in the ChromeOS Admin console again. This step is required.
  3. Assign a small number of devices that require the Spanish voice pack to ChromeOS 114 LTS Link to external site using the Google Admin console's rollback function Link to external site. Note that a device will be wiped of all local data during this process. This version of ChromeOS was released on December 8, 2023, and so will continue to receive security updates for six months. Refer to the Google Long-term Support (LTS) on ChromeOS Link to external site web page for more information.

Resolved Issues

Date Identified Date Resolved Issue
01/22/24 01/25/24

Microsoft Outlook 365 is blocking TOMS emails with LEA download links.

ETS discovered that LEAs using Microsoft Outlook 365 as their email service provider are not receiving emails from TOMS that contain download links. ETS is currently working with Microsoft directly to resolve this issue.

Resolution: This issue has been resolved.

11/30/23 12/01/23

At this time, student profiles are not opening within TOMS.

Resolution: This issue has been resolved.

10/17/23 10/19/23

Currently, the CAASPP Create and Edit Test Admin Calendar function is not working as intended. When selecting the start and end dates for the CAASPP administration within the Instructional Calendar widget, the selected dates do not reflect in the selected Instructional Calendar start and end date boxes. This is only a display issue, and the dates are being recorded properly.

Resolution: This issue has been resolved.

10/16/23 10/16/23

A data column in the Student Score Data File, called "Student Removed from CALPADS File Date," was populating incorrectly.

Resolution: This issue is resolved. ETS reran the reports so this information is now correct in the Student Score Data File and represents the date the student appeared in the exit file received from CALPADS. Please note that this information is listed in the report for information only and so does not affect student scores or the information in the Test Results for California's Assessments website.

09/08/23 09/21/23

Newly enrolled students that tested in a different LEA are not included in the Student Score Data File.

Resolution: This issue is resolved. Newly enrolled students that tested in a different LEA are available in the Student Score Data File.

08/28/23 09/08/23

Grade twelve students who completed the CAST and CAA for Science last year are currently showing as assigned to the assessment for the 2023–24 administration.

Resolution: This issue is now resolved.

08/25/23 08/31/23

CAASPP student test settings (i.e., designated supports and accommodations) are not saving correctly in TOMS when test settings are updated one-by-one or in bulk. This impacts CAASPP test settings only and not ELPAC test settings. LEAs may continue to administer the Initial ELPAC, Initial Alternate ELPAC, and CAASPP Smarter Balanced interim assessments. Note: Educators can continue to assign test settings for CAASPP Smarter Balanced interim assessments directly in the Test Administrator Interface prior to admitting students into the interim assessment.

Resolution: This issue is now resolved. LEAs can now upload any student test settings needed for CAASPP testing.