Asynchronous Learning Module: Hand Scoring ELA Performance Tasks

This asynchronous learning module provides educators with the opportunity to learn—at their own pace and at a time that is convenient for them—about the hand scoring process for the Smarter Balanced Interim Assessment for English language arts/literacy (ELA) performance tasks.

The Smarter Balanced Interim Assessments can offer teachers valuable insight into student learning as it relates to the Common Core State Standards for ELA. Hand scoring is an important part of preparing to use the interim assessments because hand scoring is a local responsibility.

Hand scoring provides an excellent opportunity to

  • understand the expectations of the standards;
  • learn from student work;
  • consider the implications for teaching and learning; and
  • identify meaningful, authentic ways to support students in developing essential skills.

Expect to spend approximately 2 hours engaging in this learning module.

Learning Goals

As a result of engaging in this learning module, participants will understand

  • the skills and strategies required on the Smarter Balanced ELA performance tasks;
  • how to use the Smarter Balanced scoring tools and resources to score student work; and
  • the value of analyzing student responses to ELA performance tasks.

Success Criteria

Upon completing this learning module, participants should be able to

  • identify learning experiences that can support students in mastering the grade-level ELA standards reflected in performance tasks;
  • score student work using the Smarter Balanced resources; and
  • apply the training from this session to teaching and learning practices to improve student learning outcomes.

Getting Started: Download the Training Materials

Step 1: Learn About Performance Tasks

Step 2: Learn How to Use the Rubric for Scoring ELA Performance Tasks

Step 3: Review the Prep Set

Step 4: Score the Check Set

Step 5: Consider Instructional Implications

Step 6: Complete Survey (Optional)