Test Administrator Tutorial


New Video: The How to Administer a Test from Start to Finish video is a new and requested addition to the Test Administrator Tutorial.

The content in the Test Administrator Tutorial will prepare test administrators to administer the following CAASPP assessments:

  • Smarter Balanced for English language arts/literacy (ELA) and mathematics
  • California Science Test (CAST)
  • California Spanish Assessment (CSA)

New Test Administrator

Test administrators brand new to administering the Smarter Balanced for ELA or mathematics, CAST, or CSA should complete the entirety of this optional course, starting with the Overview of the CAASPP section.

Experienced Test Administrator

Test administrators who have administered the Smarter Balanced for ELA or mathematics, CAST, or CSA in previous years should watch the new videos within the During Administration of the CAASPP section.

Tutorial in Moodle Option

This Test Administrator Tutorial in the Moodle Training Site (Moodle) Link to external site provides a streamlined user experience with Checks for Understanding questions, provides test administrators with a certificate of completion, and allows local educational agency (LEA) CAASPP coordinators the ability to track completion. This web page contains the same content as the Test Administrator Tutorial in Moodle, minus the Checks for Understanding questions, for those LEAs choosing to train in groups.

Overview of the CAASPP

Preparing for the CAASPP

Before Administration of the CAASPP

During Administration of the CAASPP